College Is Not Always The Right Answer

My topic for today’s post is education and a success story from the church youth group I volunteer at. The title of this post may seem strange to some because as a lawyer I spent a lot of time at college. But with many of the kids that I work with there are numerous reasons why they fail to get to college in the first place. Many times it is down to a mixture of the poor quality high schools available to them and a lack of money to pay for a college education.



5 Tips For A Healthy Family

As a family man and a volunteer coach I spend a lot of my free time with kids. One thing I have seen a lot is how easy it is for families to get into habits that are really bad for their health. In many ways you can understand how this happens so quickly with parents having very busy jobs and their parenting takes a lot of energy too. But I have come up with some tips that I want to pass on today.



Family Retreat To Florida

I have spent a lot of time in Florida where I spent a year in college when I was a lot younger. It has always been a favorite destination for me and over the years I have gone back on numerous occasions. Of course, one of the main attractions is the weather, which is pretty good all year round. But I have also found lots of great Christian retreats that I have gone to regularly.



Staying in Top Health While Travelling on a Budget

Travelling on a budget entails a lot of adjustments aimed at cutting unnecessary costs and maximizing the value of money spent. However, it should not compromise health. While worrying about health concerns upon travelling may sound unnecessary, the opposite is actually true. Health is a major concern that should never be compromised even while travelling on a limited budget.

A number of aspects in travelling could use some frugality measures. The most important ones are dining, health protection, and comfort.

Good Travel Dining on a Budget

You can eat well while travelling without breaking the bank. You just have to remember a few pointers. One important thing to remember is to know where to get or buy the best cheap food in our destination. You can do this by asking locals for advice or doing some online research, learning from the experiences of other travellers who have already visited the area you are heading to.

Another great tip is cooking your own food. If you are going to stay in a lodge, consider staying in one that has a kitchen so you can cook your own food. It’s cheaper buying the ingredients and cooking them yourself since vendors are unlikely to think that you are a tourist so they won’t raise prices the way they do on other tourists.

If you are travelling to some place and you are going to stay for just a day, you may want to pack your own meals. This way, you can be sure with the safety of your food.

It’s also recommended bringing your own bottle of water and just refill it wherever and whenever you can have the chance. Water is very expensive in many places. It’s even more expensive that soft drinks and some bottled juice products.

Health Protection while Travelling

When heading to places known for health risks such as water-borne diseases and disease-carrying mosquitoes, it’s very important to be prepared. As mentioned, it helps bringing your own drinking water in a refillable container. To protect yourself from mosquitoes, get mosquito-repellent lotions or creams. If you are going for outdoor activities like diving, always invest in and use quality gear. Moreover, if you are going to a place where your feet might end up getting soaked most of the time, avoid foot fungus growth by wearing the right footwear and bringing anti-fungal creams and powders you can use after exposing yourself to possible fungal infection.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Stress is a health risk and you can encounter many forms of it as you travel. Avoid situations that can challenge your temper or solicit your unhealthy reaction. For example, don’t be too stingy that you will settle for a foul-smelling and cramped lodge or room in some dubious street. If you are travelling for work, better make sure that you are getting a comfortable accommodation in a safe place. In the event of an unfortunate accident you can calculate your potential compensation using a compensation calculator.

Health should be one of your top things to consider when travelling. It can’t be relegated to a secondary or minor concern. You should even get travel insurance if you are heading to some place where the risks of getting exposed to health compromises are high. For more tips to consider while travelling, visit


Reasons Why It is High Time to Switch to Natural Squatting Position

If you wish to get all the benefits of a natural squatting position when pooping, it is high time to practice doing it now.

When you think about eliminating bodily waste, you might already have a certain position being followed. You are used to this position all your life. How about squatting while pooping? You will definitely raise an eyebrow with that idea. Squatting seems like a very primitive way of eliminating waste and no one is doing it today. In fact, you were trained when you were still young not to squat as it is very improper.

Well, this primitive way of pooping has been found out to be the best way to go. In fact, several clinical researches have revealed that traditional pooping position where you just sit on the toilet bowl is actually unhealthy. It can lead to many problems. All these problems can be avoided if you squat when pooping.

No more constipation

There are many factors that could make one constipated. Dehydration, poor diet and improper posture during defecation all contribute to a dry and hard stool. This becomes more difficult to push out. Hence, constipation happens. This might not seem to be a big deal, but there is definitely a huge change when you poop in a different position.

Hemorrhoids can be cured

When you have hemorrhoids, you might be satisfied of using hemorrhoids cream to feel better already. However, with no major change in your toilet posture, the problem will continue to persist. For instance, when you poop in a traditional manner, so much pressure is caused by pushing too hard and it can make hemorrhoids even more painful. With the natural squatting position, you don’t have to push too hard anymore.

Low risk of colon cancer

Of course, we don’t know the possibility of being hit by cancer. It can always happen to anyone. However, for colon cancer, the risk can be reduced. This is by maintaining a good colon. One way to do it is to make it free from built up food and other waste materials as a result of fecal stagnation. Thus, you have to make sure that you squat when pooping in order to remove all these waste materials.

Eliminate UTI

UTI or Urinary Tract Infection happens when you can’t urinate easily. This is triggered when you don’t urinate completely or you hold your pee for a long time. Even when you poop, you also urinate. However, since you are not in a proper position, you don’t urinate completely. The remaining urine is stagnated. If this happens more often, then UTI takes place. Thus, you need to squat instead of sit. By then, there is a more natural flow for the urine when coming out of the system.

These are only some of the benefits that you will get when you squat when pooping. To help you achieve this position and make pooping easier, you can use a squatty potty. Now you might ask, does the squatty potty work? Well, the answer to does the squatty potty work is a yes. Transition might be difficult at first, but with the help of squatty potty, it becomes a lot easier.


Paddle Boarding Anybody?

As is said in the Bible’s New International Version “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” (1 Corinthians 6:19). What better way to take care of your health and body than enjoying God’s creation and more specifically his great oceans? One way to do that is through paddle boarding. Since over the past few years paddle boarding has boomed in North America let’s take a look at this relatively new sport. On a recent trip to Mexico I noticed just how popular paddleboards have become. A few years ago I was fortunate to visit the Baja area of Mexico – right below California on the west coast of Mexico for those of you unfamiliar – and there were surfboards to be sure but very few, in fact I don’t recall any, paddle boards. Now they are everywhere. It seems like a good development to me; while in the past getting out on the water on a board was the province of a select few very fit surfer guys and gals, now the whole family can venture out and enjoy calm coastal or inland waters. And even better is the development of inflatable standup paddle boards (you can find the best inflatable SUPs here), rather than having an awkward stack of boards all over your car or minivan now you can just have your deflated boards inside your vehicle. This has the added benefits of creating less drag while your cruising down the highway and eliminating the necessity of a carrying rack on the outside of your car or van. Also collapsible inflatables make for easy storage in the garage or basement at home.

So since I was there and curious I took the plunge – literally and figuratively – and tried both the rigid boards and inflatable boards out while I was there (in Mexico). As you’d expect the rigid boards were faster and easier to handle. The inflatable boards though weren’t far off. I can imagine kids being more than happy playing around on them through many a summer afternoon. As far as adults are concerned, yes, they could be a lot of fun. I would be a little nervous about having sharp objects near an inflatable SUP and I inevitably keep a folding knife (check out this guide to the best folding knives) with me when I’m on the water – a habit formed during my teenage sailing days dealing with tangles of ropes and seaweed. I can also attest to paddle boarding — no matter whether you are on an inflatable of rigid board — being a good workout. I was sore the next day and I am a pretty fit guy already! I think I exercised muscle groups that usually don’t get a lot of work in my usual fitness routines.

While I’m still undecided about paddle boarding as a regular thing I can see the attraction. A couple of other reservations I have that are slowing me down are the extra effort required to get it all together to go do it. Unlike many other sports (say jogging) there is a lot of, maybe too much, preparation before setting out and a fair amount of putting things away when finished. Unless you live on a body of water the transport to and from can be significant. All in all though, if everything comes together for you I would have no hesitation suggesting paddleboarding as a recreational or fun fitness activity.


Nourish Your Soul with a Daily Dose of Biblical Sermons

Reading the Bible is important to nourish your soul and guide you in your every day life.

As always, man does not live by bread alone, but also on the words of God. As a devout Christian, it is your responsibility to be fed with the words of God. There are many ways for you to get the right words from Him. You don’t have to force yourself to read the Bible especially if you can’t understand the actual context of what you have read. In fact, it would be better if you read and understand the meaning of what has been written in the Bible.

Attend daily masses

Although Christians are required to keep holy the Sabbath Day which is once a week, it pays a lot if you take some time off to attend a mass. If there is a church near you or if there is a church within the company that you work for, then attend the mass. In doing this, you get the chance to listen to the Gospel and the sermon of the priest as well. If you don’t understand the meaning of the Gospel on that day, then the concrete examples presented by the priest will make it easier for you.

Join prayer meetings

There are different organizations hosting this. Just find one that fits your schedule and way of praying. You might even form one with your close friends. In doing this, you get the chance to share your thoughts about Biblical verses. You can also hear what others have to say. Of course, if you meet new people, it is already a bonus. It is great if you take some time off to pray on your own. However, it would be better if you have someone to walk this road with you.

Read blogs about the Bible

If you really don’t have the time to go out of your house or attend the mass, you just have to stay home. With the advent of online blogs, it is now easier to read more about the bible and how other people interpret the words of God. You might also read about their experiences as Christians. Reading blogs about the bible does not just give you insights about the meaning of Biblical texts, but also about their relevance in real life.

You can check out Bible in a Year at the bible in a year blog for daily Bible interpretations. With this blog, you will have a chance to understand the Bible through the words of other people. The blog is about certain Biblical texts and how other people find meaning in them. It is called Bible in a year blog because you will find something relevant for you throughout the year.

Time for change

If you have a Bible that has been sitting in your book shelf for a long time, it might be high time to take it and read it. You need not read everything from the start until the end like it is a novel. You just have to pick out important daily texts and understand them fully.


Get a BLS Certification and Make a Difference in People’s Lives

We always question ourselves about the meaning of life and what really our purpose on earth is. Asking these questions is good, but doing something to make a difference is even better. If you really want your life to be meaningful, then find a job that allows you to be of help to other people. You earn by doing your job and you are happy doing it. The best part is you also get the chance to make a difference in many people’s lives. There are tons of jobs that will allow you to make a difference, but if you want to save those who are in between life and death, then you might want to get a BLS certification.  

What is BLS?

BLS stands for Basic Life Support. When you are BLS certified, then you will be authorized to provide first aid support in times of emergency. This task can be done by a doctor, nurse, fire fighter, and other medical professionals. If you don’t have any of these qualifications, then you just have to train for BLS. In order to get certified, you have to go through a series of training. You will study different fields in providing life support. Giving CPR, vital signs and first aid are among the necessary skills you need to learn. Once you are done with the training, you can apply for a BLS certification. You will then be tested by the certifying board, and if you pass, you are now eligible to do the job.

How to get BLS certification

There are two ways for you to be certified. The first one is to enroll in traditional schools. There are a lot of institutions that offer BLS courses. This program lasts for a few months or even a year depending on your chosen program. There are also some programs that will allow you to study other degree programs in the future if you wish to. Another way is to get an online training. Though it is different when you get an actual training, this still works for those who can’t physically attend the classes. If you are currently working on a different job, then you just have to train online and be certified later on. You will also be required to finish a certain number of hours of actual training before you can be certified. If you want to know more about BLS certification, you can check this out.

Saving lives and spreading the good news of God

There are a lot of ways to spread the good news of the Lord. You don’t have to go to foreign countries just to do a medical mission or work for a charity organization that helps the poor. Even in the profession that you have chosen, you can still help spread the word of God. Take note that when you are BLS certified, you have the power to save people’s lives. You are the first person to reach the patient and your job is literally a matter of life and death.


How to Eat?

What is healthy eating? Or what is healthy Christian eating? Have you ever asked yourself that question before? I believe you should only eat food that has came from the earth. Food that God created. Healthy Christian eating starts with eating more fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. You should try to cut back on white sugar and fat. You should try to eat only whole foods. You do not need to eat from a package. Everyone should eat only whole all natural foods. You should listen to your body. Feed your body what it craves. That is why I think you should eat paleo. I first heard about the diet when I visited my cousin in Alabama. He lived at ALB LLC Luxury Apartments. The landlord had been paleo for years. I am here to tell you what he told me. It will change your life. For the better.

You should eat like a caveman. Have you ever heard that term? The best way to eat like they did back in the Old Testament is like that. The paleo diet is perfect for that. It is growing in popularity. This diet is based off the caveman diet. The hunter gatherer. They only ate lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. How can you go wrong with that? It is just eating what has came from the earth. If it came form the earth. Then it is probably good for you. That is right most of the time.

Nose. Eyes. Ears. That is what you should say to yourself when choosing a protein source. If your protein source has that. Then it is good enough to eat. Eating the leaner meats is also better. I would not worry with that just starting out though.

Also you can eat any vegetable you want. Except no legumes. They did not eat these during their time. Many say they are bad for you. But any other vegetable is a go. So eat as much vegetables as you want. That should be the biggest portion on your plate. Plus vegetables make great snacks. They fill you up and do not have a lot of calories.

On the paleo diet you can fruit. You can eat any kind of fruit you want. Whenever you want a little desert. Just grab some fruit. It is all natural sugar. You do not want to be eating of the white processed sugar. We are going for all natural. I like to make a big bowl of fruit salad. I will eat on it all week. It makes for a quick snack.

This is probably one of the easiest diets to do. You eat lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. When you sit down and eat. You should have all three of those on your plate. The main portion being vegetables. Probably half. The rest meat and fruit. The great thing about this diet is you do not count calories. Eat until you are full. You can eat all you want. Trust me. It is hard to eat 500 calories of meat. It is not hard to eat 500 calories of cake. This time you are never hungry, cutting calories, and plus you will feel great. Eating all natural you will not feel sluggish any. After a few days you will see the difference. Plus you will feel better eating the way God intended.


God Always Has Better Plans for You

Have you been fired from your job? Have you been working on the same job for a long time, but still maintain the same salary? Are you tired of living the life you have right now? If you say yes to any of these questions, you might feel like giving up right now. However, before even thinking about giving up, you have to realize that everything is a part of life. Just because you were fired from your job does not mean your life is over. If you have been in the same company for a long time, it might be because your skills are highly valued in that company. Either way, God has something in store for you. All you have to do is to work hard in improving your craft and be patient.

In God’s Time

When you hear people telling you that everything will happen in God’s perfect time, you might start being annoyed already. You seem to be impatient with what is happening or not happening in your life. However, this idea is and will always be true. We must not question what God has in store for us. He knows better. You might not understand His plans for you right now, but once you do, you will be grateful for everything.

Doing Your Part

Though it is true that God has designed our life and He has control over us, you also have to understand that He gave us free will. This means that we can decide on our own and we have the responsibility to work hard to achieve whatever we wanted to. Therefore, if you feel like you are not happy with your job anymore, then do something.

For instance, if you hate being just an online clerk, then try studying to be a paralegal. You don’t have to study full time. You can work during the day and take some courses at night. You can even study online with accredited institutions. Once you have gotten your certification, you can already work as a paralegal. Now, you are not just an ordinary clerk, but a paralegal as well. In fact, if you want to know how much does a paralegal make in a year, you can check this out.

You might also want to shift careers. For instance, if you have been an engineer for a long time, but your passion is really cooking, then don’t be afraid to take risks. Once you have achieved your goals, then it will be very satisfying. You can enroll in culinary schools to improve as a chef. You might also try to enroll in Subway university through this site. You will then be trained on how to work efficiently in a fast food environment. You can move on to other culinary schools later. Eventually, you can even put up your own business or get a Subway franchise.

Everything happens for a reason. If things are meant to be, then they will soon happen. You just have to be patient. For now, you can work on improving your skills so you will be prepared any time.


Take a Career Path for God’s Greater Glory

When thinking of a career path, we always consider how much we are going to pay or how proud we can make our parents. Though these are good factors to consider, life is not just about pride and wealth. There are more important things that you should consider especially when looking for a job. Of course, there is God. Don’t just think of how you can be a massive success with the career that you have chosen. You also need to consider how your career can help you spread the word of God and live his values.

God is the source of everything

Before thinking of a career to pursue, you should first be grateful to God that you even have the skills and knowledge needed to move forward in a path that you wish to take. He is the source of everything that you have right now. Without Him, you will be nothing. Without His guidance, you won’t have a clear direction in life. Thus, you owe everything to Him. Therefore, it is just right to give back to Him in the best way possible.

Choosing the right path

In determining which road to take, you have to think about how you can spread positive values and the good news for our salvation to many people. It does not mean that you have to take a road that you are not happy of. All you need to do is to think of how you can continue spreading the word of God in any path you take.

For instance, if you have always wanted to be a lawyer, then go for it. There is nothing wrong in being one. In fact, lawyers are supposed to bring forth truth and justice. They are supposed to represent those who have been oppressed. Therefore, pursuing a career in law is a good move. In fact, you can start checking out the best law schools in California here if this is what you really want. However, you also have to understand that being a lawyer can lead you to a path, which is against what God wants for you. It is possible for you to lie in the court just to help you win the case. You might also prefer representing big companies that have clearly violated the law over those who have been oppressed because you know you will be paid more. This is definitely not what God wants, so you need to know which battles to fight for.

On the other hand, you might also choose a career in the food industry. You might think that being in this industry will not necessarily give you any opportunity to spread the good news of God. Well, this is not true. By doing your best to ensure the health and safety of your consumers, then you become an agent of God. You can train in cooking schools so it will be easy for you to maximize your potentials. You might want to enroll at the University of Subway through this site so you can learn more about working in a fast food chain.

In short, whatever path you take as long as you give everything back to God, you are making the right decision.


How to Live Healthy Despite Working Hard as a Paralegal

Being a paralegal is definitely a good career path to take these days. There is a massive need across the country due to the increasing burden on the hands of the lawyers. Thus, the law has provided paralegals the task to take on some of the works that the lawyers are supposed to do up to a certain point. Thus, if you are planning to become one, it is definitely a good move.

If you wonder how to become a paralegal in California, you can go here. You will then realize that it is not that difficult. Obviously, it is not as difficult as getting a degree in law. However, you have to work and study hard in order to be certified. Once you get certified, then it becomes even more difficult as the loads of work will pile up. If you want to know more about a paralegal job description, you can check this out. However, despite the amount of work that you will have, it is still worth it if you consider the amount that you will get. The only problem is that once you are already a paralegal, you might forget how to live healthy anymore. Thus, this article will give some tips on how you can balance everything in your life.

  • Manage your time well. It is very important since you might be so caught up with your work that you forget about getting enough sleep. Instead of taking a rest, you might spend your time doing your work. This is definitely not healthy. Whether you finish your job or not, you have to sleep if it is time to. If you really want to finish the task at hand, then you have to change your schedule and find ways to fit in everything without sacrificing your sleep.
  • Don’t forget to eat healthy. When you stay up late in the office, you might end up eating whatever it is that you can find on the fridge. If not, you might just order from fast food restaurants every day. Well, this is possible if you have tons of work to do. Thus, whether you are busy or not, you need to take time to look for healthy dishes only. You can also research on the best restaurants nearby where you can order healthy dishes for takeout.
  • Take some time out to pray. Yes, living healthy is not just about what you eat. It is also about nourishing your faith. Even if you are busy and you have to work on weekends, you must not forget to celebrate the Lord’s Day. When you are extremely busy, then you must even pray more. Most of all, don’t forget to be grateful that you have this job.

If you have finally made your dream of being a paralegal a reality, then you have a lot to be thankful for. However, this job must not turn you into someone that you are not. It must make you an even better person.


How the Internet has Impacted My Advocacy

As some of you may already know, I spend most my time traveling to rural areas where I offer my lawyer services to the less fortunate as well as participate in youth activities by coaching basketball and soccer teams. As a Christian, philanthropic work is very important to me because it makes me feel that I am able to share the talents that the Lord has bestowed upon me to those who need it. However, because I am on the road most of the time, I don't always make it to Sunday service. This is why I make it a point to spend a few minutes each day getting my dose of daily Bread by reading the bible as well as stories shared by my fellow Christians.

The internet has helped a great deal in my quest to uphold my Christian values. You see, although reading the Bible fills me with grace, it is enlightening to hear stories shared by other Christians on how the church's teachings have changed their lives for the better. This is where website blogs like Bible in a Year come in.

There are hundreds, probably even thousands, of Christian blogs out there where you can read stories about how faith has changed the blog owner's life for the better. There are even some that allow contributors to submit stories to their sites. I participate regularly in discussions in the comments as well as in forums. This is one of the ways the Lord has made it possible for me to share my knowledge about Christianity to a wider audience.

I have heard stories from Christians who are halfway across the world, shared their pain, and prayed with them through their ordeal. Some of my closest friends now are people I've met on the internet and have been given the chance to visit personally during my travels.

Christian blogs have also helped me plan out my travels. Through blogs, I have been able to get in touch with people who require the help of an attorney but cannot afford it. I help them by either referring them to a colleague who is willing to accept their case pro bono. If not, I travel to where they are and help them myself.

Indeed, the internet has provided a lot of benefits for people all over the world. In fact, I have heard stories of children from rural areas being able to receive college education by means of online universities. Without a doubt, this is a big step in helping solve the problem of poverty caused by lack of education to less fortunate people.

Aside from giving the less fortunate the opportunity to receive proper education, it has also provided jobs to a lot of people. Those who otherwise would not be qualified to work in an office can take on jobs offered in online job markets. Stay at home moms have greatly benefited from this because it makes juggling home and work life a whole lot easier.