College Is Not Always The Right Answer

My topic for today’s post is education and a success story from the church youth group I volunteer at. The title of this post may seem strange to some because as a lawyer I spent a lot of time at college. But with many of the kids that I work with there are numerous reasons why they fail to get to college in the first place. Many times it is down to a mixture of the poor quality high schools available to them and a lack of money to pay for a college education.



5 Tips For A Healthy Family

As a family man and a volunteer coach I spend a lot of my free time with kids. One thing I have seen a lot is how easy it is for families to get into habits that are really bad for their health. In many ways you can understand how this happens so quickly with parents having very busy jobs and their parenting takes a lot of energy too. But I have come up with some tips that I want to pass on today.



Family Retreat To Florida

I have spent a lot of time in Florida where I spent a year in college when I was a lot younger. It has always been a favorite destination for me and over the years I have gone back on numerous occasions. Of course, one of the main attractions is the weather, which is pretty good all year round. But I have also found lots of great Christian retreats that I have gone to regularly.



The Effective Soccer Training Drills to Prepare Players

Preparing for the big game takes lots of practice. It takes many long hours of sweat and sacrifice to perfect that kick and throw. But aside from being strict with the number of laps and kilometers that the players need to swim and run for them to develop a strong body and endurance, setting a practice game with other players would still be the best way and easiest to determine if your young champions are ready to battle the big game. But then again, placing them in the battlefield without going through some rigid training would be like placing sheep in an arena full of wolves.

Right and Effective Training Drill

As the old adage goes, training makes perfect. Players who undergo more training will most likely achieve better endurance. Training will also help the players learn the proper playing technique. However, many coaches implement training drills without showing the players how it is properly done. In running or kicking for example, a player will be asked to run several miles around the school campus or the running track without teaching them proper breathing. So running alone will not make the players run faster and endure more hours in the playing field, unless the coach demonstrated the right and effective way on how to perform the drill. With this, the adage practice makes perfect doesn’t hold true because even though a player spends countless hours for practice yet he is not doing it right, then that player will learn incorrect training drills.

How Do You Set Training Drills?   

  1. Set a realistic training drill. If you are assigned newbies, then it would not be realistic to set a training drill that is meant for seasoned players. True that coaches want to push the players to their limit for them to see the capabilities of their players, yet pushing them too much might cause harm than good. Needless to say, coaches should implement drills that are needed and intended for the level of the players.
  2. Have the right number of players for the training drill. Having a limited number of players, say less than 5, will not create a realistic scenario for the players to implement the training drill. The number of players should be just right to recreate a scenario for an actual game. Hence, the players would be able to anticipate what to do and who to look out for during the actual face off in the soccer battlefield.
  3. A specific training drill should help players practice and demonstrate a specific skill. It is to note that coaches can develop their own training drills, yet the said drills should be able to highlight and practice one skill set. This would help the players really learn and master the said skill before he goes to learn a new one.  
  4. In relation to item 2, having too many players would not good too. Players, especially the young ones, have shorter attention span and keeping them wait on queue would pretty test their patience. Needless to say, young players would not like standing and waiting in line for their turn to kick and hit the ball.

If you are a coach or even a DIY type of person who wants to learn playing soccer the right way, check out Epic Soccer Training By Matt Smith at In implementing soccer training drills, keep a close eye to what the players need.

At the end of the day, players, coaches and soccer fans would need skin protection. After a grueling day under the heat of the sun and amidst the excitement of a great soccer game you will need a good skin protection regimen. On the question, does Lifecell work, find out the answer at here


Guiding Our Community’s Youth to a Brighter Future

Helping mold today's youth to become God fearing as well as successful is very important to me as a Christian. This is why among other things, I chose to volunteer in coaching sports teams in my community. Aside from encouraging the kids to bring out their best when in the playing field, I also make it a point to make them know that I am always available should they need someone to talk to regarding a difficult situation or simply when they just need someone to listen.

You see, the community that I am involved in is based in an area others may call "The Hood". The futures of most youths here pretty much involve working low-paying blue collar jobs. A slightly better option – money wise – is to become involved in gangs or organizations that sells drugs. I believe that keeping a friendly relationship with the kids in the teams I coach, I am somehow helping them stay off the streets. As such, they are kept away from temptations which would dampen their faith in the Lord.

However, I'm proud to say that I seem to have succeeded in making a difference in the lives of these kids. A few weeks ago, a couple of boys from my team and their friends came to me for advice on what they can do after they graduate from high school. They didn't really have the means to get into college but their grades were good enough to qualify for scholarships.

They asked me if pursuing a college degree or even a certificate for a training course is advisable given their life status. I told them that it was the only way to go if they wanted a brighter future for themselves. Their next question was how to decide in choosing which degree or training program to pursue.

We spent the entire afternoon discussing their skills and interests as well as looking at websites like Health Tech Career for information on jobs in the healthcare industry. Some of them were interested in working as LVNs, radiology technicians, and dental assistants. Others were leaning towards becoming paralegals. Being a lawyer, this was a subject I was able to offer more insights on. Before we parted ways, I made sure to encourage them to attend their school's career day and to make good use of the internet by doing some more research on careers they may be interested in.

Earlier today, the boys paid me another visit to tell me that they have finally decided on what careers to pursue. What's more is that they have already taken steps in applying to colleges not only within the city but also in other states. I am very happy to have been chosen by the Lord to be an instrument to helping these kids on their way to a brighter future. I hope to someday see them as successful individuals in their chosen fields while remembering that it was our Lord Jesus Christ who helped them become who they are. 


Top 5 Core Running Exercises

Runners seeking to become faster often focus on a variety of techniques to strengthen the muscles of the leg, hoping to drive more power and speed from their running, while overlooking the core muscles from the shoulders to the hips that support the “power” muscles in their work. This is a mistake as it is often a lack of core strength that is a limiting factor in people’s running.

Many people believe that when we talk about the core, we are only talking about the muscles of the abdomen and back. The truth is that the core includes all the muscles between the shoulders and the hips. For runners, the most important core muscles are the transverse abdominals, the multifidus, erector spinalis, and quadratus Lumborum muscles, which work together to hold the body upright and balanced, along with the hip flexors, abductors, and adductors which control and stabilize the hip. A strong core provides balance and maximizes the efficiency of each stride, allowing the runner to maintain a forward position and not lose momentum as the feet land and push off into the next stride.

Before I talk about the core exercises, it’s very important for beginners to be prepared, so before you do any exercises or running you need a good pair of running shoes, my advice for buying any style of exercise shoes is to visit a store and try on the shoes to see how they fit, are they comfortable and how they feel when you walk or run.

When you find the pair of shoes that are right for you, simply go online and buy them at a lower cost from an online retailer such as, Ebay, Amazon or a comparison site like, Avoid fashion sneakers they are no good for any type of workout, my own shoes are the Asics Gel Intensity 2 learn more here, they offer excellent support for running but they are also a cross running shoe so you can do more than just running.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to buy a pair of quality shoes for running, over the years I have see a number of injury’s caused by athletes wearing the wrong shoes, please don’t try any of the training information below without warming up and wearing running shoes.

So, what are some of the best exercises to help a runner develop a strong core? Here are 5 that every runner should add to their workout routine.

Plank with Destabilization – Most people are aware that planks are a more effective way than sit-ups or crunches to work the transverse abdominus and the other muscles which draw in and support the abdomen. A plank is performed by placing your hands and feet shoulder width apart, keeping straight arms and a straight line from the top of your head down through your toes. Hold this position for as long as you can. The goal is to be able to hold the plank with good form for up to 5 minutes. Get more from this exercise by destabilizing – add leg raises to target the gluteal muscles as well, raise and lower your weight from your hands down onto your forearms and raise back up, or raise each leg out to the side, moving your knees towards your elbows. This makes your muscles work harder and builds core strength more quickly.

Plank to Side Plank to Starfish – from straight arm plank, transfer your weight to the outside of your right foot and right hand. Stack your left foot on the instep of your right foot, and stretch your left hand straight up in the air towards the ceiling. Your body should appear as a side-lying T, with a straight line from your heels up through the top of your head, and a straight line from the fingertips of your upstretched left hand down to the palm of the right hand planted into the floor. Now, raise your right leg to hip level. Hold for 1 minute or until your muscles reach fatigue, then return to plank. Repeat 3 times on each side.

Leg Bridges with Leg Raises – The core includes all the muscles from the shoulders down through the hips, and this includes the glutes. One of the problems with the gluteal muscles that can adversely affect runners is lack of engagement of these muscles, as they can tend to be overridden by tight hip flexors. Leg bridges are a good way of counteracting this. To perform the exercise, lie on your back with your arms at your sides, palms pushing into the floor. Now pull in your feet towards your buttocks and lift up your hips into a hip bridge. Hold for one minute, squeezing your buttocks and pushing your hips as high as you can. When this exercise is easy, add destabilization by including leg raises: straighten out one leg, lift it over your hips and then lower while continuing to hold the bridge position with your other leg. Repeat 10 – 20 times on each leg.

Pilates-style Reclined March – Lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides and your palms facing the floor. Draw your legs up so that your hips and knees form two 90 degree angles – think of your shins as forming the support for a table top. Keeping the hip and knee angles unchanged, use your lower abdominal muscles (NOT the hip flexors) to lower and lift the leg back to the original position. Ensure that the lower back is grounded into the floor and do not allow the hips to rock while doing this exercise. Repeat 20 times on each leg. If this exercise seems easy, you may be doing it wrong – if done properly, you should feel this in the lower ABS. It takes practice, but is worth the effort.

Arm – Leg Transfers with Swiss Ball – Lie flat on the floor while holding a Swiss ball in your hands. Stretch your hands over your head and extend your legs with your toes pointed away from you. Lift the hands (still holding onto the ball) and feet towards each other in a slow and controlled motion. When they meet above your body, transfer the ball so that you are holding it between your feet. Now lower your hands and feet towards the floor, again using a slow and controlled movement. Repeat for 15 – 20 repetitions. If this exercise is too easy, you can increase the difficulty by also raising the head and shoulders off the ground.

Adding these 5 exercises to your workout routine will definitely help you build the core strength needed to become a faster and more powerful runner!


Five Things You Should Know When Contacting An Accident Attorney

When you contact your accident attorney, have the accident report handy. On this report are details of the accident, what you or the other party were ticketed for and the other parties insurance information. All of this information can help your attorney to understand your case and properly take care of it.

No Matter Who Is At Fault

No matter if you or the other driver are at fault, admit nothing. If you admit fault and you were not at fault, you may still be considered at fault. Keep your mouth shut and only answer the questions that the police ask. If you do admit fault you need to make sure you tell the attorney that you have done this.

Doctors Reports If Any

If you were seen by a doctor or taken to the hospital via ambulance, make sure to get that information for the attorney. Your attorney can get a lot of information from the medical records that can help with your case. If you are not given a copy of these reports ask for them before you leave the hospital. If you have already left the hospital, you can go back and request the information.

Your Insurance Information

Your attorney can better help you if you have a copy of your insurance policy as well. This can save a lot of time in looking it up. Your attorney works closely with many insurance companies and will be familiar with them. He or she will want to see some specifics on your coverage so bring it with you as well.


In today’s modern society most people have a cell phone handy and can snap some photos of the accident scene with their cell phone. If you happen to get into a wreck, snap some pictures from as many angles as you can and keep them for your attorney and your insurance company. It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so keep this in mind should you get into a minor fender bender or a major accident. Also, take pictures of the other vehicle that is involved and the impact area. Do not forget the roadway where the accident happened and other pertaining information that may be helpful to an attorney.

Bonus: If you have any names or addresses of witnesses you may also wish to include these with your paperwork that you bring to your attorney.

It is important to remember that when you are going to see an accident attorney the more information you can give him or her the better informed they will be. They were not at your accident so all they have to go on is what you are able to give them.