College Is Not Always The Right Answer

My topic for today’s post is education and a success story from the church youth group I volunteer at. The title of this post may seem strange to some because as a lawyer I spent a lot of time at college. But with many of the kids that I work with there are numerous reasons why they fail to get to college in the first place. Many times it is down to a mixture of the poor quality high schools available to them and a lack of money to pay for a college education.


5 Tips For A Healthy Family

As a family man and a volunteer coach I spend a lot of my free time with kids. One thing I have seen a lot is how easy it is for families to get into habits that are really bad for their health. In many ways you can understand how this happens so quickly with parents having very busy jobs and their parenting takes a lot of energy too. But I have come up with some tips that I want to pass on today.


Family Retreat To Florida

I have spent a lot of time in Florida where I spent a year in college when I was a lot younger. It has always been a favorite destination for me and over the years I have gone back on numerous occasions. Of course, one of the main attractions is the weather, which is pretty good all year round. But I have also found lots of great Christian retreats that I have gone to regularly.


Five Things You Should Know When Contacting An Accident Attorney

When you contact your accident attorney, have the accident report handy. On this report are details of the accident, what you or the other party were ticketed for and the other parties insurance information. All of this information can help your attorney to understand your case and properly take care of it.

No Matter Who Is At Fault

No matter if you or the other driver are at fault, admit nothing. If you admit fault and you were not at fault, you may still be considered at fault. Keep your mouth shut and only answer the questions that the police ask. If you do admit fault you need to make sure you tell the attorney that you have done this.

Doctors Reports If Any

If you were seen by a doctor or taken to the hospital via ambulance, make sure to get that information for the attorney. Your attorney can get a lot of information from the medical records that can help with your case. If you are not given a copy of these reports ask for them before you leave the hospital. If you have already left the hospital, you can go back and request the information.

Your Insurance Information

Your attorney can better help you if you have a copy of your insurance policy as well. This can save a lot of time in looking it up. Your attorney works closely with many insurance companies and will be familiar with them. He or she will want to see some specifics on your coverage so bring it with you as well.


In today’s modern society most people have a cell phone handy and can snap some photos of the accident scene with their cell phone. If you happen to get into a wreck, snap some pictures from as many angles as you can and keep them for your attorney and your insurance company. It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so keep this in mind should you get into a minor fender bender or a major accident. Also, take pictures of the other vehicle that is involved and the impact area. Do not forget the roadway where the accident happened and other pertaining information that may be helpful to an attorney.

Bonus: If you have any names or addresses of witnesses you may also wish to include these with your paperwork that you bring to your attorney.

It is important to remember that when you are going to see an accident attorney the more information you can give him or her the better informed they will be. They were not at your accident so all they have to go on is what you are able to give them.