Tips To Avoid When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Insurance Claim

hurt in an auto accidentIf you are a victim of personal injury, then it is necessary for you to hire a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can make a positive impact on your claim. Many lawyers are dealing with personal injury case, but not all are experienced and knowledgeable. It is important that you hire the right person for the job. These are the mistakes you should avoid when hiring a lawyer for personal injury case.

1. Not hiring a specialized lawyer

You must hire a lawyer who specializes in personal injury case. Many general lawyers claim to have knowledge of personal injury cases. But you need to avoid them. But personal injury lawyers have built credibility with the insurance adjusters and judges. They know how to get witnesses and are aware of all the laws related to personal injury. They can help you get the best compensation possible.

2. Hiring a lawyer without any experience

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you should consider the number of years of experience the lawyer has. You should avoid hiring a recently appointed attorney as they are still in their learning phase and are not expert enough to handle your complicated personal injury case.

3. Not consulting with many lawyers

Instead of choosing a lawyer based on the references from your family and friends, you should talk to a number of lawyers. See which lawyer makes you more comfortable. Then make your decision on which lawyer to hire.

More tips on hiring the right attorney for your personal injury claim to ensure you find the right representation:

4. Hiring depending on the price

Most people tend to hire cheap lawyers. But lawyers who are cheap are usually inexperienced, and your chance of getting the right compensation will be slimmer since they have less background with the various tactics and strategies employed by the insurance company. You should get quotes from at least three different lawyers. Then depending on their experience, you should hire the right lawyer.

5. Hiring lawyer who guarantees success and a specific amount of compensation

The outcome of a personal injury case cannot be predicted. Good lawyers will not promise you anything.  He or she will listen to your situation, tell you about your strengths and weaknesses and let you know what chance you have of winning the case.

6. Hiring a lawyer with whom you have poor rapport

You should be able to trust your lawyer and communicate well with him or her. Your lawyer must be willing to listen to you and make you understand your situation. You must be able to share all your concerns and worries with your lawyer without hesitation. Don’t hire someone you are not comfortable with.

7. Hiring a lawyer who will transfer your case to another lawyer

When hiring an attorney, make sure that he or she is willing to handle your case from the beginning to the end. Avoid hiring those lawyers who might transfer your case to someone else in the middle.

Personal injury cases are expensive and stressful. You need to hire the best attorney to handle your personal injury cases.  Vancouver residents are well advised to contact Jamie Butler, of Butler & Company at to engage with one of the top lawyers familiar with ICBC and insurance claim cases.



College Is Not Always The Right Answer

My topic for today’s post is education and a success story from the church youth group I volunteer at. The title of this post may seem strange to some because as a lawyer I spent a lot of time at college. But with many of the kids that I work with there are numerous reasons why they fail to get to college in the first place. Many times it is down to a mixture of the poor quality high schools available to them and a lack of money to pay for a college education.



5 Tips For A Healthy Family

As a family man and a volunteer coach I spend a lot of my free time with kids. One thing I have seen a lot is how easy it is for families to get into habits that are really bad for their health. In many ways you can understand how this happens so quickly with parents having very busy jobs and their parenting takes a lot of energy too. But I have come up with some tips that I want to pass on today.



Family Retreat To Florida

I have spent a lot of time in Florida where I spent a year in college when I was a lot younger. It has always been a favorite destination for me and over the years I have gone back on numerous occasions. Of course, one of the main attractions is the weather, which is pretty good all year round. But I have also found lots of great Christian retreats that I have gone to regularly.



Why Fitness New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work

If you are like lots of people who made a resolution for the New Year, you have decided once and for all to hit the gym and get in shape. Regrettably, if you are like the majority of people, you will fail to keep your resolution. The stats are quite disappointing.

  • In the initial week of the year, 25% will certainly bail on their new found resolution.
  • After the very first month, that number will raise to 36 %.
  • After 6 months, the majority of every person who resolved to get in shape, 54% of them will have bailed on their resolution.

So, how many people on average keep their resolutions? Only about 8% of people.

Does this indicate it’s hopeless and you shouldn’t even attempt to get in better shape? No! It simply suggests that setting a New Year’s resolution is not the best way to deal with attempting to accomplish weight management.

If you ask a room full of people if they have ever been on a diet, it’s a safe bet that just about every person would raise their hand. If you then asked how many of those people have actually lost weight on a diet, you would see a majority of those people raise their hands as well. If you then asked out of those people how many of them actually kept the weight off, you would probably see just a few hands pop up. The truth is most people can lose weight, for a time but then inevitably most will gain the weight back.

New Year’s resolutions are inherently doomed to fail. Every year millions of people will go grab the newest bcaa supplement, the best casein protein powder and hit the gym with the best of intentions. The problem is most do this just because the calendar hits January 1st and they don’t have any true lasting motivation to hold true to their resolutions.

If you want to actually succeed in keeping your resolutions and or commitments to change you need something else. You need a “why”. Why do you want to lose weight? Why is this important to you? Find your true “why” for change and you will create an environment that is truly conducive to true and lasting change.

If you have started a New Year’s resolution and you’ve either already abandoned it or are beginning to wain on your commitment, just know it’s not too late to refocus. Establish a certain, measurable objective that has a really powerful “why” connected to it. Simply make certain that it’s your “why” and not someone else’s.

Unfortunately we have become a society where extreme obesity and general lack of good physical condition is the norm. Yet, it comes with an extremely high cost. With the huge portion sizes and large drink sizes, we have lost all principle of what a “healthy and balanced” meal is. Part of any New Year’s resolution to get in better shape is going to start with our food choices but if your true “why” isn’t established and you don’t have true motivation, you’re doomed to fail.

You can reshape your body. You can be successful in your transformation. You can make your body into something phenomenal. You just need to determine just what you desire as well as your “why”. It sounds so easy, and it is. Yet, it isn’t easy. But, you can do this.


How Owning a Business Can Affect Your Health

As many of you are aware, owning or starting a business isn’t the easier task at times. Especially when it comes to the financial side of things. This alone can put a lot of stress and heartache on any individual or family. Whenever financial issues arise, most families usually think of their mortgage, their children’s education, and how they are going to keep paying for them so that you can provide the best of the best for your family. But for any individual, that can be a lot of stress which is never a good thing, especially for prolonged sessions.

Stress alone is not fun to deal with, due to the many different ways it can affect an individual such as, but not limited to, hair loss and depression. While there are many different tactics that an individual can use to cope with it, most of them are only temporary and simply distract you from whatever is causing the stress in the first place. This is unfortunately very common instead of just dealing with it to solve the issue and putting measures in place to prevent the issue from arising again in the future.

The most common source of stress in a family owned business derives from a financial standpoint, due to the business’ usually being a major source of income for the family’s daily drivers such as their kids school, or mortgage. Now you may be asking, what would be a good way to future proof your business so that you can reduce the amount of stress on you, your family, and nusiness? There are a few long terms plans that you can use to accomplish this.

Starting a budget is the first and most important step to take. Sit down with your significant other and come up with a game plan. Your plan needs to consist of how much you’re going to spend on what as well as your predicted income from month to month. This will allow you to make decisions on what and what is not expendable in your life and business so that you can save your pennies wherever you can. This will also help you to later come up with a plan to maximize your Business’ potential. Always make sure to focus on month to month expenditures to keep the numbers smaller and more manageable.

Talking to a Professional would be the next step for more serious concerns. If you need assistance with coming up with some strategies I always like to recommend to my clients that they sit down and talk to a professional. The hardest part can be when it comes to collecting past due invoices from customers since they are throwing your budget out of line. This is when you can use some help from a commercial collection agency like The Collection Law Group to come up with an effective solution even though this isn’t free. It usually provides the best results since you will get a professional view on the situation and that they will always do everything in their power to help you solve the situation at hand which in turn will be less stress on you and your family and more money in your pocket!


Why I Help Out: My Simple Answer As To Why I Do What I Do Now

valunteeringNow, a lot of people have been asking me, why are doing what you’re doing? Why do you love volunteering instead of landing a corporate job somewhere and earn a 6-digit number salary. The answer to all those queries they’ve been throwing around is very simple. I love working like this, winning cases, and helping those in need. I am already content with that. Life isn’t just about 6-figure salaries.

I love doing pro-bono cases and I love doing volunteer work. Sure, they don’t really earn me the extra cash which a lot of people need nowadays; furthermore, these might even mean a lot of work load, and responsibilities that not everybody really wants to have a piece of, but they do earn me happiness. These give me a lot more reasons for me to wake up more inspired every single day.

Apart from this charity work I do with my clients, I also see to it that I am able to have fun, which I achieve by coaching basketball and soccer leagues. It’s a bit of work tending to kids but being able to be out there, running around, strategizing and connecting to all those young minds is more than I expect as a payment.

Giving my all and getting so much fulfillment in return

As you can see, it’s always been a part of me to give back to the community. So, whenever I get the chance to do more and help more, I do my best to do so. It’s all about how I feel after I help out, and so I keep on doing whatever it is that I am doing.

Sometimes I give back in the form of helping out in researching about simple tasks. There was this one time this farm owner, who was also a client asked me about the comparison of the best chainsaw that I knew of, so I tried reading more about chainsaws. I believe that chainsaw reviews can help, so I tried searching for the best and comprehensive reviews out there that I could get my hands on, to help my client decide on which one to purchase.

I don’t just limit my services to legal ones. I often lend out a hand with some work, others on information, and a good number ask for advice from me. I try to be as helpful as I could and so far, I can proudly say I did helped a lot.

It’s always worth it to do something nice to someone

Back when I was younger, I thought that by helping someone, you are forcing him or her to have a debt of gratitude that you should be able to cash in when you need help too. Until I learned that it’s not really what you get in return, but the euphoria that you feel every after you hear someone thanking you for having served them well, for bringing them back into their feet, and for helping them in ways that you can without waiting for anything much in return.


Having Church Friends with Kids I Learned Lots of Basic Parenting Facts

Having Church Friends with Kids I Learned Lots of Basic Parenting FactsSince it’s the holiday season, I had plenty of time off. I had a chance to catch up with my friends from the church. We had the usual hi’s and hello’s, and then lots of long conversations about almost everything about us. There are quite a number of my friends whom I don’t see a lot because they’ve already moved to another state, others migrated to another country and a few were very much pre-occupied with their family life.

I must say though that most of my friends are now happy parents and you know how parents can be when you ask them about their kids. They have been very generous with their parenting stories and they could go on and on without ever running out of things to say. Kids are really a bundle of joy and just having them around can turn one’s life around for the rest of one’s days.

Learning a few tricks

Raising a kid these days is not easy, as the generation has changed so much that one needs to adapt parenting styles to fit the changing times. Generation gaps are inevitable but this does not mean that it’s impossible to work your way around your kids. Thanks to my friends, I learned a few tricks or two, most especially in handling kids who couldn’t put down their gadgets.

Some of them brought their kids with during the meet ups and it was fun sharing bible stories with the kids. They were very attentive because I was able to get their attention quite well through my creativity in storytelling.

I also learned that once you get their attention, you could always get them to do things. Every kid is different from another, so the trick is to know which strings to pull on each of them.  As expected, they went running around, screaming, and laughing so loud after that, but that’s how kids really are.

Knowing which things to buy

Another fun fact I learned is that buying things for your kids can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  I remember one of them telling me that “We always want what’s best for us, and as a result we want what’s best for our kids too. At the same time we take time to consider the budget”. They say that buying the first few things would be that official mark that you really are going to have kids.

One of my friends are expecting twins this coming March and they couldn’t really stop telling me about how they are having such a hard time trying to find the perfect pair of things. They started finding the double stroller first and decided to look for the rest after that.  They told me that they looked for the top 10 best double strollers in town to help hem narrow down their choices. If you’re a parent to twins too, then chances are you want to find out about the best double stroller too, so feel free click here to find out more.


Health Practices Worth Trying in 2016

Health Practices Worth Trying in 2016I was reading through a client’s case last night. It has already been resolved and everything is smooth sailing for her now. It’s always an achievement for any lawyer out there to win a case, but for me, more than anything else, its more rewarding when I get to help people who aren’t able to defend themselves due to lack of resources to cover the expenses. We all know how expensive court battles are, and sadly not everyone can afford them.

As a part of my life-long commitment to helping less fortunate clients, I always see to it that I do everything in my power to serve my clients well, and in order for me to do that, I would need to make sure that I take good care of myself. I have always been a health advocate, keeping tabs on every new health innovations that I could get my hands on.

There are quite a couple of things I have been eyeing on lately and among them is trying out this paleo-diet, and juicing.


Lately there are quite a lot of my acquaintances who are trying to switch to Paleo Diet. It’s among the hippest diets nowadays. The concept is all about eating food that has high amounts of fats, moderate levels of animal protein and low to moderate amount of carbohydrates. This diet totally defies everything that I ever believe in diet, but I think it is worth trying. Besides, this diet is based on years of research on different fields of sciences, which make it all the more favorable for everyone.

It targets to prevent the usual heart problems like cancer, heart ailments, dementia, and obesity, problems that most of the people around the world suffer. They are quite hard to avoid, but once you’re able to stay ahead of it.

Getting yourself to start a good diet is among the key solutions to all these things. For me, I would choose to try the Paleo Diet. The diet alone is intriguing and I am completely on board with the idea. There are a bunch of recipes available. I have tried looking at one and honestly it’s not that hard to make. The ingredients are not that costly too.


I have tried a couple of mixes before from this juice bar but I never knew that it could be fun doing your own mix. Never have I thought that juicing can be this great. I started juicing by reading about the makers of the best juicers and how to choose the best juicer to buy. These helped me find just what I needed. I then looked for some recipes that I could alter. I always had a thing for changing recipes and turning them into my own. It’s daunting at first and you may make awful mistakes along the way but it could be really rewarding once you get it right. Factor in all those benefits you get from all those fruits and veggies you are going to mix up and you would really find it worth trying.


Gearing up for My New Fitness Routine This 2016

Gearing up for My New Fitness Routine This 2016It would be quite expected for people like us who are in the legal industry to have several health complaints like back pains, and migraines. It’s a tedious job but we still do it anyways. We enjoy the pressure of our careers. We are used to the late night sessions, the sleepless nights and the usual skipping of meals. We thrive in those situations when everybody thinks that it’s all but a dead end regardless of the health impact that awaits. That’s how we lawyers are, well at least most of us.

Sitting behind the desk seemed like an easy job to most, but believe me, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Truth be told, just sitting there and reading through all those paper works could really catch up with one’s health. I believe in that quite a lot because I had my fair share of sitting down scanning one case to the next, reviewing sections and sections of the Constitution, and finding ways to tie up loose ends.

This made me want to try out new health routines that I could engage myself with starting this 2016. I haven’t really made up my mind yet as to which routine I should select, so I just started with browsing about the simplest training routines that I could do at home. I also looked into the gears that I need to buy.

Be a smart shopper

Being fit often comes with a price tag, no matter how you want to achieve your fitness goals, you still end up paying a considerable amount of cash. Say you’re very keen with the products you eat because of the content of the products. Because of that, you tend to go for organic veggies, and fruits and we all know that these are a lot more expensive than the ordinary farm produce.

The same situation applies for the gears and devices that you use for physical training. Given that situation, the only way to make the most out of the money you would be spending is to get yourself the stuff that really works.  Aim to buy the best products that you can find in the market. Read reviews of the product, and its manufacturer.

Look for the right gear

Getting myself engaged in something as life changing as a physical routine, would mean that I would need to purchase a few things. I have been considering buying my own weight lifting gears, a new Fitbit and a good pair of crossfit shoes. There are other more items that I have to consider but I haven’t really made up my mind about them. So I guess I will start with the basic items first.

These three items in the priority list are quite very common and you can get them anywhere. So, in order me to decide which one to buy especially for the shoes and the weightlifting stuff, I tasked myself to do a bit of home work. I started off looking for shops that sell the best crossfit shoes. I also tried to look up the 5 best shoes for crossfit. Then I went on reading about the different brands of weightlifting gears and which ones do I really need.


Take Along A Pressure Cooker Next Time You Travel

I try to treat my body as if it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. That means treating it with respect. Eating good food, getting regular exercise and checking in with the doctor when necessary. The eating good food part of maintaining the body can be a challenge at times, though. Christmas time until New Years’s can be especially hard on the body. Most people overeat and, what’s more, they overeat unhealthy foods too: those laden with sugar, salt, and fat. I love the taste of foods like that like everyone and overdo it like everyone. All the traveling I do creates even more circumstances for poor eating habits. Restaurant food is unreliable in many ways, but especially from a nutrition point of view. Lately, I’ve taken to bringing along a lightweight electric pressure cooker when traveling so that I can make my own meals and maintain my “temple” properly. What follows are my tips for traveling with a small pressure cooker.

It’s not really practical to travel with a pressure cooker when flying both because of security concerns and weight-of-luggage concerns. However, when traveling by car — either alone or with family — it is fairly easy to pack a medium-sized pot with everything else in the trunk. Electric pressure cookers make wonderful makeshift stoves. If you are in a hotel room all you need to do is plug in and off you go on your cooking adventure. The beauty of electric cookers is that the usually have a variety of automatic settings as well as a “sauté” setting that transforms them into a regular skillet.

For the most part, I only start my journey with favorite spices and rely on grocery stores along the way to pick up beans, grains, vegetables and whatever else. Measuring spoons and cups will usually fit inside your pressure cooker when it’s in storage. Other things you might consider taking along are can opener, large spoon, spatula, paring and chopping knives, a small cutting board, and a reusable bowl, plate, and cutlery.

I have pressure cooker standbys for all three meals of the day though I usually eat in a restaurant at least once per day when traveling. Scrambled eggs or good old rolled oats are always a hit at breakfast. Chilis and soups are easy to make for lunch and supper. A really quick and easy chili can be made from two cans of different types of beans (black beans and kidney beans), a tin of tomatoes, some chili seasoning, a few chopped veggies and a large canful of water or broth. Seal the pot and pressure cook on high for five minutes, get some bread ready while you’re waiting and you’re ready to eat!

There are a ton of good recipes on the internet so I won’t give you a whole lot of ideas here. Suffice it to say, though, that I do feel healthier, happier, and more in tune with the holy spirit when I take my pressure cooker (don’t buy this one though >> with me and rely on cooking for myself rather than relying on restaurant food of dubious quality.


Are barefoot running shoes better than normal running shoes or not?

I follow the blog of this running aficionado called Superior Runner and he has a lot of useful information about the best running shoes and how to become a better runner. As he states on his website it all starts with the shoes. You need the right shoes so you can run under optimal conditions.

Recently I read an article about barefoot running shoes and after reading it, I was convinced that this would help me become a faster runner.

What are barefoot running shoes

Barefoot running shoes are shoes with toes. They look like your foot and that’s why they are called barefoot shoes. Often they’re also called minimalistic shoes but that’s not totally correct. The purpose of these shoes is to allow your feet to land on the surface in the same manner as you were running barefoot but with the added bonus of still protecting your feet.

Minimalist shoes can be split up in barefoot shoes and minimalist running shoes. The latter one is something between the barefoot and the traditional running shoes. They still have a minimal heel to toe decline but also focus on using your mid-foot or forefoot. They are also very flexible which is totally contrary with traditional running shoes.

What do others say about these running shoes

Barefoot running has become hot since Chris McDougall’s book “Born to Run”. He explains why barefoot running is the best way of running. The impact on the ground is minimal because with each step you land on your forefoot or mid-foot.

The result is that you run more efficient and that injuries are less likely. You run better and faster when you run barefoot.

That’s why this type of shoes was produced. It really follows the shape of your foot and toes and thus feels like you run barefoot. It has the same advantage as normal barefoot running, but your feet are still protected.

Best known brands

There are some well-known brands such as the Vivobarefoot, Merrell Barefoot and the Vibram Five Fingers. The last one is a real barefoot running shoe while the others are more a minimalistic shoe. If you want a shoe with separate toes then the Vibram Five Fingers is the one you should choose.

Big brands of traditional running shoes are also jumping on this new minimalistic running shoe market. Nike has the Nike Free while Adidas has the Adidas Adipure.

Is it for everyone?

It’s not something that is for everyone. A lot of Kenian runners run barefoot. We on the other hand can’t handle walking or running barefoot all day. It’s because we’re used to wearing shoes and as a consequence our feet are too soft. Also the surface here is cluttered with dangerous materials and sharp objects such as glass, nails and other things that could be harmful to our feet. So there’s no way that people would run barefoot here. That’s why companies came up with the oxymoronic idea of barefoot running shoes. People feel that their feet are still protected while having the same advantage as running barefoot.


Barefoot running is still a niche. It isn’t for the average runner and I don’t think it will ever be the case. Most people want to buy normal running shoes. Only people who really live for their sport and do competition will look for special gear that will make them perform better such as these special running shoes.


Always Think of Those Who Have Less in Life

You have to be appreciative of what you have and what is yet to come. As they say, count your blessings all the time. Even if you have a lot of problems, it does not matter as soon as you think of what other people are suffering from. There are those who flee their homes due to war. Some others suffer from severe diseases. There are also those who have nothing to eat due to poverty. If you can’t be of direct help to those who suffer, the least that you can do is to enjoy what you have and be grateful of it.

Don’t waste your food

To avoid this problem, you need to stop from buying more than what you need. When you eat from a buffet or when there are a lot to eat, you might think of getting them all. The eyes can deceive you. The truth is that you are full with just a few bites. Therefore, you need to get a lot since it will just be wasted later on. Imagine the amount of food left on your plate when others barely have anything to put on their plates.

There is water crisis in many parts of the world

Aside from food shortage, water crisis is also an issue. There are a lot of places where people don’t have anything to drink. They suffer from huge water crisis. Some of them don’t even have a choice but to drink unclean water. The best way to think of them is to not waste water. If you are taking a bath, don’t use a shower that releases more water than you need. If possible, change your shower head and look for a better option. You can get the best shower head from reliable brands. You can also read about LED shower head reviews. This will help you look for brands that are of high quality and eco-friendly. The same thing is true for faucets. All water sources at home that are leaking or are malfunctioning must also be fixed if possible. This might not directly put water on other people’s glasses, but this is at least a good way of remembering that some others are deprived of what you have.

Just be thankful

You complain a lot about petty things in life. You even complain about what you eat or what you drink when others have nothing at all. You just have to be thankful for all these blessings. If you have enough time and resources, you have to share what you have to other people too. There are a lot of organizations dedicated in helping other people. You can always volunteer and be a part of their mission. We all live in the same world. Some of us have better opportunities than others. There are those who are facing massive threats to their lives and security. If they have survived despite the challenges, then you have no reason for complaining about small problems that God has given you as a test.