Hi there, my name is Ken and I am the main author and admin of christiansciencema.com where I regularly make updates about topics ranging from religion to travel, and health to education. I try to provide insights and general information from a Christian perspective, but not everything on this website will be dictated by my religious beliefs.

I have been very active with churches and charities all over Massachusetts as my main job as a lawyer has taken me all over the state. I grew up near Boston, in Wellesley to be precise, but I have spent a lot of time travel the whole of New England.

As a son of an accountant and a nurse I enjoyed a very fulfilling childhood and our local church was always a central point for our family and social activities. From an early age I was involved in charitable and volunteer work, which eventually led me to become a lawyer and provide a lot of quality pro-bono work to the poor.

As a fitness enthusiast I still spend a lot of time volunteering in community centers where I coach children from disadvantaged backgrounds in basketball and soccer. I get a huge amount of satisfaction out of this and I believe I have helped many children avoid the perils of some pretty tough neighborhoods.

As part of my coaching I also work with kids to educate them about diet matters to help them lead a more healthy life. This is probably one of the biggest challenges, but hope to make more of an impact through this blog and the associated social media. I does seem to be a great way to get through to the social media generation.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and I welcome all comments and feedback.