Having Church Friends with Kids I Learned Lots of Basic Parenting Facts

Having Church Friends with Kids I Learned Lots of Basic Parenting FactsSince it’s the holiday season, I had plenty of time off. I had a chance to catch up with my friends from the church. We had the usual hi’s and hello’s, and then lots of long conversations about almost everything about us. There are quite a number of my friends whom I don’t see a lot because they’ve already moved to another state, others migrated to another country and a few were very much pre-occupied with their family life.

I must say though that most of my friends are now happy parents and you know how parents can be when you ask them about their kids. They have been very generous with their parenting stories and they could go on and on without ever running out of things to say. Kids are really a bundle of joy and just having them around can turn one’s life around for the rest of one’s days.

Learning a few tricks

Raising a kid these days is not easy, as the generation has changed so much that one needs to adapt parenting styles to fit the changing times. Generation gaps are inevitable but this does not mean that it’s impossible to work your way around your kids. Thanks to my friends, I learned a few tricks or two, most especially in handling kids who couldn’t put down their gadgets.

Some of them brought their kids with during the meet ups and it was fun sharing bible stories with the kids. They were very attentive because I was able to get their attention quite well through my creativity in storytelling.

I also learned that once you get their attention, you could always get them to do things. Every kid is different from another, so the trick is to know which strings to pull on each of them.  As expected, they went running around, screaming, and laughing so loud after that, but that’s how kids really are.

Knowing which things to buy

Another fun fact I learned is that buying things for your kids can be both exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  I remember one of them telling me that “We always want what’s best for us, and as a result we want what’s best for our kids too. At the same time we take time to consider the budget”. They say that buying the first few things would be that official mark that you really are going to have kids.

One of my friends are expecting twins this coming March and they couldn’t really stop telling me about how they are having such a hard time trying to find the perfect pair of things. They started finding the double stroller first and decided to look for the rest after that.  They told me that they looked for the top 10 best double strollers in town to help hem narrow down their choices. If you’re a parent to twins too, then chances are you want to find out about the best double stroller too, so feel free click here to find out more.