Health Practices Worth Trying in 2016

Health Practices Worth Trying in 2016I was reading through a client’s case last night. It has already been resolved and everything is smooth sailing for her now. It’s always an achievement for any lawyer out there to win a case, but for me, more than anything else, its more rewarding when I get to help people who aren’t able to defend themselves due to lack of resources to cover the expenses. We all know how expensive court battles are, and sadly not everyone can afford them.

As a part of my life-long commitment to helping less fortunate clients, I always see to it that I do everything in my power to serve my clients well, and in order for me to do that, I would need to make sure that I take good care of myself. I have always been a health advocate, keeping tabs on every new health innovations that I could get my hands on.

There are quite a couple of things I have been eyeing on lately and among them is trying out this paleo-diet, and juicing.


Lately there are quite a lot of my acquaintances who are trying to switch to Paleo Diet. It’s among the hippest diets nowadays. The concept is all about eating food that has high amounts of fats, moderate levels of animal protein and low to moderate amount of carbohydrates. This diet totally defies everything that I ever believe in diet, but I think it is worth trying. Besides, this diet is based on years of research on different fields of sciences, which make it all the more favorable for everyone.

It targets to prevent the usual heart problems like cancer, heart ailments, dementia, and obesity, problems that most of the people around the world suffer. They are quite hard to avoid, but once you’re able to stay ahead of it.

Getting yourself to start a good diet is among the key solutions to all these things. For me, I would choose to try the Paleo Diet. The diet alone is intriguing and I am completely on board with the idea. There are a bunch of recipes available. I have tried looking at one and honestly it’s not that hard to make. The ingredients are not that costly too.


I have tried a couple of mixes before from this juice bar but I never knew that it could be fun doing your own mix. Never have I thought that juicing can be this great. I started juicing by reading about the makers of the best juicers and how to choose the best juicer to buy. These helped me find just what I needed. I then looked for some recipes that I could alter. I always had a thing for changing recipes and turning them into my own. It’s daunting at first and you may make awful mistakes along the way but it could be really rewarding once you get it right. Factor in all those benefits you get from all those fruits and veggies you are going to mix up and you would really find it worth trying.


Gearing up for My New Fitness Routine This 2016

Gearing up for My New Fitness Routine This 2016It would be quite expected for people like us who are in the legal industry to have several health complaints like back pains, and migraines. It’s a tedious job but we still do it anyways. We enjoy the pressure of our careers. We are used to the late night sessions, the sleepless nights and the usual skipping of meals. We thrive in those situations when everybody thinks that it’s all but a dead end regardless of the health impact that awaits. That’s how we lawyers are, well at least most of us.

Sitting behind the desk seemed like an easy job to most, but believe me, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Truth be told, just sitting there and reading through all those paper works could really catch up with one’s health. I believe in that quite a lot because I had my fair share of sitting down scanning one case to the next, reviewing sections and sections of the Constitution, and finding ways to tie up loose ends.

This made me want to try out new health routines that I could engage myself with starting this 2016. I haven’t really made up my mind yet as to which routine I should select, so I just started with browsing about the simplest training routines that I could do at home. I also looked into the gears that I need to buy.

Be a smart shopper

Being fit often comes with a price tag, no matter how you want to achieve your fitness goals, you still end up paying a considerable amount of cash. Say you’re very keen with the products you eat because of the content of the products. Because of that, you tend to go for organic veggies, and fruits and we all know that these are a lot more expensive than the ordinary farm produce.

The same situation applies for the gears and devices that you use for physical training. Given that situation, the only way to make the most out of the money you would be spending is to get yourself the stuff that really works.  Aim to buy the best products that you can find in the market. Read reviews of the product, and its manufacturer.

Look for the right gear

Getting myself engaged in something as life changing as a physical routine, would mean that I would need to purchase a few things. I have been considering buying my own weight lifting gears, a new Fitbit and a good pair of crossfit shoes. There are other more items that I have to consider but I haven’t really made up my mind about them. So I guess I will start with the basic items first.

These three items in the priority list are quite very common and you can get them anywhere. So, in order me to decide which one to buy especially for the shoes and the weightlifting stuff, I tasked myself to do a bit of home work. I started off looking for shops that sell the best crossfit shoes. I also tried to look up the 5 best shoes for crossfit. Then I went on reading about the different brands of weightlifting gears and which ones do I really need.


Take Along A Pressure Cooker Next Time You Travel

I try to treat my body as if it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. That means treating it with respect. Eating good food, getting regular exercise and checking in with the doctor when necessary. The eating good food part of maintaining the body can be a challenge at times, though. Christmas time until New Years’s can be especially hard on the body. Most people overeat and, what’s more, they overeat unhealthy foods too: those laden with sugar, salt, and fat. I love the taste of foods like that like everyone and overdo it like everyone. All the traveling I do creates even more circumstances for poor eating habits. Restaurant food is unreliable in many ways, but especially from a nutrition point of view. Lately, I’ve taken to bringing along a lightweight electric pressure cooker when traveling so that I can make my own meals and maintain my “temple” properly. What follows are my tips for traveling with a small pressure cooker.

It’s not really practical to travel with a pressure cooker when flying both because of security concerns and weight-of-luggage concerns. However, when traveling by car — either alone or with family — it is fairly easy to pack a medium-sized pot with everything else in the trunk. Electric pressure cookers make wonderful makeshift stoves. If you are in a hotel room all you need to do is plug in and off you go on your cooking adventure. The beauty of electric cookers is that the usually have a variety of automatic settings as well as a “sauté” setting that transforms them into a regular skillet.

For the most part, I only start my journey with favorite spices and rely on grocery stores along the way to pick up beans, grains, vegetables and whatever else. Measuring spoons and cups will usually fit inside your pressure cooker when it’s in storage. Other things you might consider taking along are can opener, large spoon, spatula, paring and chopping knives, a small cutting board, and a reusable bowl, plate, and cutlery.

I have pressure cooker standbys for all three meals of the day though I usually eat in a restaurant at least once per day when traveling. Scrambled eggs or good old rolled oats are always a hit at breakfast. Chilis and soups are easy to make for lunch and supper. A really quick and easy chili can be made from two cans of different types of beans (black beans and kidney beans), a tin of tomatoes, some chili seasoning, a few chopped veggies and a large canful of water or broth. Seal the pot and pressure cook on high for five minutes, get some bread ready while you’re waiting and you’re ready to eat!

There are a ton of good recipes on the internet so I won’t give you a whole lot of ideas here. Suffice it to say, though, that I do feel healthier, happier, and more in tune with the holy spirit when I take my pressure cooker (don’t buy this one though >> with me and rely on cooking for myself rather than relying on restaurant food of dubious quality.