Open Your Doors Whenever Help is Needed

Open Your Doors Whenever Help is NeededIn light of the recent events in Paris, a lot of people became scared. These terrorist groups choose no one. Even innocent people are killed just to push forward their ideologies or to simply revenge as they feel the need to do so. They wanted to make people scared and afraid of each other. When we give in to what they want, then they win. However, when we retain our Christian values, then they will never prevail. As long as we care for humanity and help each other in times of need, then we can always rise above the challenges.

Right after the attacks, a lot of people are calling for the immediate expulsion of the Syrian refugees. In the US, some states have closed their doors to Syrians and other refugees. Though this is deemed as a logical response to terrorism scare, the truth is that it is contrary to what Christian values should be. The worst part is that the politicians leading the closure of the borders are those whom claim to be Christians. They always invoke the name of God to win votes when in reality their policies are contrary to what the actual Christian values should be.

It is clearly stated in the Bible that we should have mercy to those in need. Feed the hungry and clothe the naked are only a few of the things that Christians need to do. These refugees are among those who need help. They are the ones who are most vulnerable. They are running from terrorists. They are scared of the same people just like all of us. Therefore, pushing them away and closing our doors on them sound totally ridiculous and irresponsible.

Be of help

There are Christian groups who volunteer their time and effort to be of help to those who are in need. Most of these refugees are women and children. They have gone through a very difficult journey just to get to Europe and their final destination. The least that you can do is to provide them with their basic needs. Some governments have allotted budget to help them out. However, given the number of refugees each day, it is impossible to provide them with everything they need to survive.

These people need food and shelter. You can always volunteer in building temporary shelters or conduct a feeding program. Try to make these houses feel close to home. You can put carpets too so that children can play. They might not have played for a very long time. Don’t worry about maintaining these carpets. You can always provide the best home carpet cleaner for sale to keep them safe and warm. You can also check out the best carpet steam cleaner for your buck.

If you can’t be there to volunteer your time, the best that you can do is to donate money. There are many ways for you to be of help. You can do it when you wanted to. This is a desperate moment for these refugees. Pushing them away is definitely not the right thing to do.


Looking At Your Heatlh As An Investment

*Parts of the information in this article was from the input of Brandon Roerick of Hometown Benefits Group. They are experts on Missouri health insurance as well as many other lines of insurance. They were able to provide good information about health care costs for this article.


Everyone is always looking for a good investment. A good investment is something that brings you more return on what was originally invested. What better investment could you make than investing in yourself? A healthy lifestyle is one of the best investments you can make. Healthy habits should be a part of everyone’s life. Research shows that leading a healthy lifestyle is far-reaching, regardless of age, sex or physical abilities. A healthy lifestyle can help maintain a healthy weight, improve your state of mind, boost your energy, keep you healthier, and help you live longer.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help maintain a healthy weight. Staying at an appropriate weight can help lower your risk of developing high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. The earlier you start a healthy lifestyle, the better it would be for your health in the long run. And, starting a healthy lifestyle at any age is beneficial. Long-term maintenance of a healthy lifestyle could potentially save you money with fewer doctor visits and less medication to treat weight related diseases.

A healthy lifestyle can help your mind. Physical activity stimulates chemicals in your brain, called endorphins, and these chemicals make you feel happier and more relaxed. Being healthy also promotes a good physique, which will boost your confidence and self-esteem. Regular exercise also helps clear your mind and decrease stress. There is not enough money in the world that would take the place of being confident in how you look and feel. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could potentially save you money on mental stabilizing drugs and visits with a mental health care professional.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes a variety of proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and dairy gives your body the fuel it needs to function more efficiently. Exercise gets your cardiovascular system working and delivers oxygen and nutrients to fuel your body and meet your energy needs. Exercise also helps promote better deeper sleep. You could potentially save money by not having to buy unhealthy energy drinks and sleep aids.

A healthy lifestyle combats disease and can help you live longer. Healthy habits can help prevent certain health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. A healthy lifestyle can decrease your risk of cardiovascular diseases. The Mayo Clinic says that regular physical activity and proper diet can help you prevent or manage a wide range of other health problems, including metabolic syndrome and arthritis. There again, you’d be saving money by decreased doctor visits, fewer medications and lower health insurance costs.

Investing in yourself is very important as we age. It is a way to keep the rising cost of health insurance to a minimum. The healthier you are, the lower your healthcare costs may be. Healthcare is rising every year. In 2014, healthcare rates rose an average of a 5.6% annual rate, the fastest pace in 10 years. Taking control of your health as early as possible is a way to take control of your personal situation and pay as little in health care costs as possible. That will be a very important factor in retirement years. Take control now!


Getting a water softening system in house

It seems there is a lot of misconception about water softening. Most people think there is no need for a water softener because you already get purified water at home. While this is true it doesn’t mean all impurities have been filtered out and a water softener does other things than a water filtration system.

Difference between a water softener and water filter

The difference between a softening and filtration system is very easy to explain. What is best in your case depends on the outcome of a water test.

A water filtration system separates suspended particles from the pure water. The impure water passes through a filter and these particles are trapped and the water that flows through is cleaner as a result. If you do this a lot of time the filter becomes dirty and saturated and you will need to replace the filter in your water filtration system.

A water softener works in a totally different way. It is used to remove hard minerals so that the hard water becomes soft water. This is done with a process called ion exchange. Hard minerals like calcium and magnesium are attracted to resin beads with same charge. Then there is an ion exchange and the resin trades its sodium ions with the hard mineral ions removing these minerals from the hard water and thus softening it. The resin beads can be recharged with sodium ions so that they can be used over and over again without having to replace them.

Buying and installing a water softener at home

I recently did a water test and the result showed that I had hard water. I knew I had to buy a water softening system because it seems that the hardness was really high and it is proven that this really harms your household appliances. If you want to extend the life of your household appliances softening your water can really help a lot. It’s something people should think about upon buying their household appliances like dishwashers and washing machines.

To be honest I don’t know squat about water softening systems. I just know what they do and that it’s good for your appliances that use tap water. I’ve learned on that you have the option to choose saltless water softeners. They give the same end result but the process they use to soften the water from hard water is totally different than with an ordinary water softener.

However in my case the best water softener was the WaterBoss700. It has the capacity I needed for my household and WaterBoss is a good brand of water softeners. We’re an average family with 4 family members and we don’t consume more water than the average family in my opinion. So that’s why I didn’t need a more powerful water softener. Another advantage is that it doesn’t take a lot of space which is ideal because I didn’t have a lot of room to install a water softener. It was very easy to install. It isn’t rocket science but I wouldn’t have tried it without clear instructions. Luckily the WaterBoss water softening system has very detailed instructions which made it a breeze to install at my home.


Great Ways to Help You Stay In Shape during the Holidays

During the holiday season, temptations to forego a healthy diet and the gym has become a trend in most countries today. It’s a common issue faced by almost every person in the planet. Mix that with anxiety and stress, it becomes a challenge avoiding to snack at work or at home. On a typical holiday, you get a number of party invites. As a result, you end up gaining weight despite finding ways to remain within the healthy weight range.

Managing Food Consumption

It may seem a bit embarrassing to turn down a party invite but you’re actually doing yourself some good. Make the person inviting you understand why you don’t want to go. Fight off the holiday stress and emotions that prompt you to actively seek for high-caloric snacks or meals. Go for light caloric meals such as whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. When it comes to cocktails, opt for items that are free from sugars.

Curbing Depression

Stress and depression are a result of the prospects you attain after the holidays. Holidays tend to bring out the blues in a lot of people including those who have lost their loved ones or who have separated from friends and/or family members. This further raises your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. As a result, you find yourself eating fat-promoting and high glycemic foods.


Even though the holidays are seen as a time to let loose and eat more than normal, dont fall into that trap. You also need to make sure you get some exercise when you’re off work, like going to the gym or playing some type of action sport (like paintball or airsoft).

Holiday Tips

Avoid living up with the holiday stress. Take proper action when the need arises. Give these a try:

1. Stay away from stress
Stray away from gatherings when stress sets in instead of elevating tensions. Try avoiding stress build-ups.

2. Plan and systemize tasks
Avoid triggering tasks that are challenging to complete. Ask for help if necessary.

3. Relax if needed
You won’t be as productive if you keep on working when you know you’re already mentally and physically drained.

4. Make room for workouts
Try to avoid staying on the couch for too long. Go for brisk walks. Through exercise, you minimize stress and tension. At the same time, it keeps you away from unhealthy food and holiday temptations.

5. Portion control is everything
Consume smaller food portions in parties. Even if you’re tempted to eat unhealthy foods, avoid filing your plate with them. Eat fiber-rich and low-calorie dishes and make it a priority. This will leave you feeling satisfied and prevent you from reaching out to the wrong food choices.

6. Choose water over beer
Being with close friends and/or family at cocktails is usually fun. The main issue is trying to turn down their alcoholic offers. You’ll be surprised (and thrilled) by the entertainment of other people if you opt out so you can remain sober.

7. Opt for holiday party breaks
Make time to talk to anyone. Go out for a walk and talk more with the ones you know. This will allow for more calories to burn and will consume a lot of time on what would’ve been spent on binging.

8. Share or give food gifts
If you’ve been invited for delicious treats, make it a habit to eat in moderation. Give away leftovers without feeling guilty.

Planning, Vision, and Control

Every holiday involves a lot of binging and overeating. They point here is to avoid making excuses, create an achievable plan, having the vision to improve, and being at your best. Be in charge of everything and dismiss any peer pressure so you can focus on achieving your healthy weight goals.


Main St. Fountain Pens – Our 2015 Top Sponsor

As most of you know, I volunteer as a soccer coach within the community and work quite hard each year to teach these kids not only the dynamics of the game, but how healthy living will positively affect their lives forever.  I also like to discuss righteousness and being charitable, as I believe these are great values for children to have and bring into their adult life.  Each practice I try to end the last five minutes with some facts and tips about healthy living and having a fulfilling spirt.  I’m always open to answering any questions the kids might have.  Hopefully this guidance sticks with them, even after the soccer season is over.

I decided to take a step further this year and encourage my team to sign up for the church’s annual 5K, to benefit the homeless in our area.  This way the kids would be able to participate in a wellness event that was also charitable.  I am quite involved with the church and decided to volunteer to help plan the 5K, specifically with fundraising.  By doing this, I was able to take the kids out around town to ask business men and women if they would be interested in becoming event sponsors.

Luckily enough, my entire soccer team decided to help me with this 5K event and over the last week we went around to different businesses to introduce the event and try to collect sponsorship.  The reason why I’m writing this blog entry is because I wanted to shed some light on our new top sponsor for 2015 – Main St Fountain Pens (The creators of BestPensInTheWorld.Com).  The gentlemen behind this business are extremely wonderful people and have agreed to donate $10,000 to be the top sponsor of our event – double the asking price.

Both Brian and Bob, co-owners of Main St Fountain Pens, have been in business just shy of 45 years and have plans to retire soon.  They stated that they have seen a general decline in the sales of fountain pens, general office supplies and stationary in general at their store.  Although they have never done any specific market research to discern why, both men believe it has something to do with the technological changes that have been rampant in recent years.  Since they have plans to close the store soon, they wanted to go out with a bang and they figured that sponsoring this event would be a last hoorah as well as bring them some good karma.

That being said, not only am I trying to get their name out because they have made this upcoming event financially viable, but they are great role models for my team.  Moreover, I am hoping that the townspeople will get on out to Brain and Bob’s shop to see the kind of merchandise they sell and make their last year or so in business memorable with some high sales.

The 5K is taking place at the end of September, where you will be able to meet not only Brian and Bob, but benefit the homeless on a wonderful fall weekend.


Balance Bikes for Children’s Healthy Living

I am truly blessed to have such a following here on my website.  Although I am not 100% sure of the demographic of my readership, I am hoping my topic today can help assist parents who read my blog.  If you’ve been following me for a bit, then you’ll know that healthy living and physical exercise is an extremely important value to me and my family.

One of the easiest ways to be active, is to raise active kids! However, when we first have children it can be extremely overwhelming and a lot more sacrifice and stress than we previously intended.  At this point, you cannot let yourself or your physical or spiritual well-being slip.  Instead, get your kids into physical activities from a very young age.  I’m talking 16 months young.

I want to introduce you all to children’s balance bikes and why I have found them to be such a successful product when it comes to making healthy living a value.  Balance bikes are designed specifically for young ages, 16 months and up.  There are not many other safe toys available that let your toddler be as active.  According to, a balance bike, in its simplest form, is a training bike with no pedals.  Kids use their feet to propel the bike forward, but are unbeknownst to them learning the art of balance.  In order to go longer distances without using their feet, they will have to balance their weight on the bike.  This quickly teaches them how to ride a two wheeler without training wheels.  Although I didn’t switch my children over to two wheelers immediately when they got the hang of how to balance themselves, I assume that you could transfer them to pedals without much issue.

What I’ve done with my own children is given them that extra independence with a balance bike.  No longer am I holding them from point A to point B, but allowing them to use a balance bike to follow me, therefore helping them become more mobile and getting an exercise at the same time.  My favorite place to bring balance bikes is the beach boardwalk or a park, because we can do a lot of playing and running around, but then hop on the bike to the next destination.

Once your kids get a taste for balance bikes, I guarantee they will want to take them everywhere you go! Luckily, on average the bikes weigh about 12 pounds, so you potentially could bring the bike with you to many places.  It will definitely be easier to transport these than a 2-wheeler, so enjoy the ease while you can!

The more active your kids want to be, the more active you will be and they cycle will continue, helping your entire family to lead healthy lives.  I hope that discussing balance bikes, you will do your own research for yourself and decide if they are right for your family.  Of course there are many other ways to remain active, but I just wanted to share this tip because it has worked wonders for my children.


Keep your teeth clean while traveling

Healthy living is for me one of the most important things in life. As I am a lawyer who travels regularly for his work it hasn’t been easy to keep a healthy lifestyle. I catch myself eating fast food and drinking soda and other unhealthy things. So I decided it was time for a change. Only 1 time per week I would eat fast food and I would try to limit my daily consumption of cola.

Why was this necessary? It was necessary because I was seeing and feeling the consequences of my unhealthy lifestyle. I got heavier (not yet fat, but not far from), had less energy and also I was looking worse and worse. Let me clarify this last point. My hair was becoming greasy, I got bad skin and also my teeth were becoming yellow. This last thing was mostly due to the fact that I didn’t really take care of my teeth. I brushed my teeth when I had the time and if I didn’t have time enough I used mouth wash or I just didn’t brush them.

The turning point: toothache

What was even worse is that due to this bad lifestyle I neglected my teeth and I began to have toothache. So I had to make an appointment with the dentist. It’s only because I told him that the pain I felt was severe that he could take me sooner.

The dentist he told me that I should start to watch the food I eat and that I should start brushing my teeth more regularly. He told me to brush them at least twice a day to keep my teeth healthy and prevent tooth decay.

I had 5 cavities and after filling 3 of them he told me to come back later. So I made a second appointment for the week after.

Anyway because of this experience I decided it was time to change things in my life. To become healthier I started to cut down on fast food and choose to drink water. I also talked to my dentist about my busy life. He told me that I should really start brushing more often and also better. He told me I should get an Oral B electric toothbrush because they work so much better than regular ones in removing plaque from your teeth.

Ordering my electronic toothbrush online

My dentist told me to search for a powered toothbrush. I did this and found an overview of the best electronic toothbrushes for 2015. I decided to buy the one that was the best performing one according to their review. Two days later it arrived and I said farewell to manual brushing and started electronic brushing.

Results so far from brushing automatically

Since I’ve begun brushing my teeth with my new electronic toothbrush the results have been amazing. Six months further and I haven’t had any cavity yet and what is even better is that it’s now fun to brush my teeth. Also they look clean and white which is important in my job as lawyer. You have to represent well so your looks are important in my line of business. I can recommend everyone the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean automatic toothbrush.


Educational Success Story

Most of the kids I work with come from broken families and this is usually one of the biggest burdens they face in trying to move forward in their lives and escape poverty. Without discipline at home and with a school system that leaves so many behind, the situation for many kids is really bleak.

But I never give up on the kids and through my coaching I am able to give them at least little bit of discipline. While they are in the training sessions with me there are very strict rules that I impose. This is really the only way to control a group of mainly boys at a difficult age, with a lot of baggage.

Wherever I can I also provide these kids with some life coaching. This often includes talking to teachers and giving them advice on how to avoid drugs and crime. I always wonder how much of an effect I actually have on these kids when they become older and no longer come to my coaching sessions.

One of my biggest success stories always chokes me up a bit as practically everyone had given up James, a kid I first encountered when he was just 14 years old. Drugs were a big problem in his family and 2 of his 3 older brothers were in jail, leaving him to raise his two younger sisters. Miraculously he had developed a hatred for drugs and never was tempted to take or sell them.

But James’ problems also extended to school. He had missed many classes as he was trying to care for his family and he was diagnosed as being dyslexic in a school that had no support for him.

When I first started working with him we tried to work on some of his school work, but as a lawyer I am not the best suited to be teaching a teenage boy. Thankfully one of my friends was willing to help out and a few years later we managed to get James to finish High School.

Because of his very caring personality James figured that becoming a paramedic was probably something he would love and at the same time would provide him with the income to help his sisters get through high school.

So, I managed to hook him up with one of the best EMT training providers in CT. He flew through training with flying colors as his dyslexia was not that big a problem in a more practical learning environment. 5 years later and James is a fully qualified Paramedic with a college degree and aspirations of becoming involved in starting an EMT training academy in the neighborhood he grew up in.

Also, one of his sisters has become an EMT and the second is just finishing high school. I meet with them about once a year and it is so rewarding to see the little bit of help I provided may have resulted in 3 young lives not going down the wrong roads.

Should you be interested in a similar career, then I suggest you check out the state specific data on the EMT Training USA website.


Preparing Your Home for Travel

As a traveling lawyer, I know all too well the necessary and important steps of preparing to leave your home for a period of time. There are many things we can do to protect our homes in our absence which reach far beyond just locking the doors and windows, and making a check list of some simple steps is a start towards protecting our valuables and our home from intrusion.

One very often overlooked little detail is very telling to would be marauders of your castle, trash day. Ask a neighbor to put some of their trash where yours is always placed for pick up, and then take the bins or cans away; it helps ensure your house looks lived in. Also, if you are going to be away for more than a week arrange for lawn and yard care, so your property doesn’t look overgrown, and don’t forget an outside sprinkler system on a timer helps make your home look occupied. Taking care of your yard also will help prevent squirrels from making your home their home (PestKilled).

Remember to adjust your thermostat, and unplug all unnecessary appliances to help prevent fire hazards in your absence. If your community has a police watch, give them a call and ask them to sweep by to check on your home. Don’t forget to make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date, and secure your computers as well as your other valuable to prevent identity theft. Identity theft is a growing concern, and it can cause more lasting damage to you than a burglary. Don’t announce your coming trip on internet social sites like Twitter or Facebook and give the intruders a heads up on your vacation plans. In today’s world the bad guys troll these sites in hopes of finding homes that are vulnerable to their nefarious plans when the unsuspecting innocent homeowners are away.

Other simple steps to list are stopping the newspapers and your mail. The pile up of newspapers and mail are red flags for intruders signaling your absence in the home. Set lights up on timers both inside and out. Don’t close all the blinds either, so it appears that everyday life is going on in a natural way inside your house. Ask a neighbor or friend to visit your home, and go inside and spend a little time so the house appears occupied, and be sure to ask that friend, neighbor or house sitter to clean up any flyers or menus dropped there by local services. Take care to check your phone messages, or if you can’t, ask family or a friend to do it for you. Also, make sure a friend, neighbor or a family member has your itinerary, and that they are able to contact you in case of emergency.

Make your list and place it where you won’t forget it, and remember to check off each step as you go. With a little care, and forethought you can secure your home, relax on your time away, and then come home to a welcoming and safe home.


How Good Food Can Lead to a Healthy Life

If there’s one thing that will greatly affect your health, it’s what you consume on a daily basis. Foods that you eat along with how much you take in, and how you prepare them, has a direct connection to your body’s overall health. A majority of the time, we take our health for granted, and we end up eating what prefer and want, or what’s around at the time without thinking ahead of the consequences. We would like to thank our friend Suzy from for her help with this article.

Eating for the Sake of Convenience

It’s important to stop thinking about making convenience a guide or excuse for the food that you eat. You’ll find that consuming what is quick to make or easiest to acquire is really not the healthiest choice. Sometimes, it’s fine to simply gain hold of whatever is available wherever you are. But the problem happen this way of eating turns into a regular habit. Eating healthy food will end up taking the back seat for food that’s easy to attain and quick to make. Once you eliminate this kind of idealism, you can eradicate the habit of eating whatever is convenient, and make your way to eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

Even though I’m not the best at eating habits, I worked with a personal chef for a bit to find a few quick meals that I though tasted good so that I could get rid of the issue I was having with eating whatever could be ready fastest.

When you’ve finally eradicated your need to constantly eat whatever is available or quickest to prepare (where the heart of the problem is), then you can make it a lot easier for you to go the healthy route.

Packaged and Canned Meals

When you consume packaged meals from the grocery store, or food that has been canned all the time, you’ll find that such food tend to possess high sodium content, which is typically made to preserve food. By avoiding these foods from your diet and opting for good food, you’ll likely reduce your chances for developing hypertension and chronic heart disease.

Benefits of Good Food

The benefits that you can enjoy from healthy and wholesome food is that you when you eat them frequently, your mood will be enhanced, your body will feel a lot better, and you’ll be healthier than you’ve ever been. Consuming healthy food equates to healthy living, so don’t make it a habit to wait until it’s too late. By eating good food, not only will you feel good, but you’ll see an improvement on the outside. Having a balanced diet can help you and your body go a long way. If you cut down on processed foods and get rid of preservatives and additives they have then you’ll see remarkable improvement in your life.