Why I Help Out: My Simple Answer As To Why I Do What I Do Now

valunteeringNow, a lot of people have been asking me, why are doing what you’re doing? Why do you love volunteering instead of landing a corporate job somewhere and earn a 6-digit number salary. The answer to all those queries they’ve been throwing around is very simple. I love working like this, winning cases, and helping those in need. I am already content with that. Life isn’t just about 6-figure salaries.

I love doing pro-bono cases and I love doing volunteer work. Sure, they don’t really earn me the extra cash which a lot of people need nowadays; furthermore, these might even mean a lot of work load, and responsibilities that not everybody really wants to have a piece of, but they do earn me happiness. These give me a lot more reasons for me to wake up more inspired every single day.

Apart from this charity work I do with my clients, I also see to it that I am able to have fun, which I achieve by coaching basketball and soccer leagues. It’s a bit of work tending to kids but being able to be out there, running around, strategizing and connecting to all those young minds is more than I expect as a payment.

Giving my all and getting so much fulfillment in return

As you can see, it’s always been a part of me to give back to the community. So, whenever I get the chance to do more and help more, I do my best to do so. It’s all about how I feel after I help out, and so I keep on doing whatever it is that I am doing.

Sometimes I give back in the form of helping out in researching about simple tasks. There was this one time this farm owner, who was also a client asked me about the comparison of the best chainsaw that I knew of, so I tried reading more about chainsaws. I believe that chainsaw reviews can help, so I tried searching for the best and comprehensive reviews out there that I could get my hands on, to help my client decide on which one to purchase.

I don’t just limit my services to legal ones. I often lend out a hand with some work, others on information, and a good number ask for advice from me. I try to be as helpful as I could and so far, I can proudly say I did helped a lot.

It’s always worth it to do something nice to someone

Back when I was younger, I thought that by helping someone, you are forcing him or her to have a debt of gratitude that you should be able to cash in when you need help too. Until I learned that it’s not really what you get in return, but the euphoria that you feel every after you hear someone thanking you for having served them well, for bringing them back into their feet, and for helping them in ways that you can without waiting for anything much in return.